Cold Weather is Coming, Start Winterizing Your Fence Now

Regardless of the type of fence you have whether it’s wooden or metal you need to protect it from the harsh Georgia winters.  Fences provide security to your home.  They keep your children and pets safe, and the deter intruders.  You want to ensure that you maintain your fence so that it will continue to protect your family and property for years to come.

How to Winterize your Wooden Privacy Fence:

Snow on Wooden Fence | Fenceworks of GAYou need to make sure that your wooden fence is protected from ice, rain and moisture that will cause dry rot and mold.

  • Look your fence over for rot, splintering or broken pieces of the fence. Make the necessary repairs and thoroughly clean the fence.
  • Once the fence is dry and ready seal the fence using the sealant manufactures instructions.
  • Make sure you read your sealant product so you know when it’s time to retreat your fence.

How to Winterize a Metal Fence:

Check your fence over for paint flaking or exposed metal. You need to protect your metal fences from rust that could cause weakening and breaking due to moisture exposure.

  • If any exposed portions of your fence have already rusted use a wire brush to clean it, then seal and paint the affected area with rust proof paint. Make sure you also seal and paint any exposed bare metal places on your fence.
  • Make sure you pay special attention to gate hinges and hardware. These moving parts need to be kept in good condition to work properly.  If your gate won’t latch, it’s useless. Make sure there are no exposed metal areas and buy replacement hardware if necessary. Ensure that the latch is clean and free of dirt and use a rust inhibitor to keep them working like new.

If it’s time for a new fence installation, call the Atlanta fence contractors at Fenceworks of Georgia.  They offer a wide variety of fence types including wooden and metal fences.  Give them a call today for your free fence quote or to schedule an appointment for your new fence installation.