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If you enjoy going to concerts, picnics or outside festivals and you live in Cobb County then you have probably been to Glover Park many times. It is a beautiful area surrounded with restaurants s and specialty shops that attract people from all over. We have worked closely with Marietta homeowners and business people to build fences that add to the natural beauty of the city instead of detract from it. Building a custom fence that will stand up to the high quality standards of the area can sometimes be a challenge but we employ some of the best fence installation experts in the business.

A wide array of options for fences in Marietta

Marietta GA Fence CompanyMarietta and Cob County in general is a good mix of residential and commercial property so you may see wooden backyard fences, metal commercial fences and extravagant ornamental fences along the same stretch of road. We have installed fences throughout Cobb County made from a wide variety of materials including chain link, wood, vinyl, metal and many more. Any one of our trained specialists can assist you in choosing the right material for your fence but first you need to decide what type of fence best fits your needs.

Residential or commercial fences, the choice is yours

The most common type of residential fence is the backyard fence. They are often made from wood or chain link but there are so many other types of fences to be found in a neighborhood. Residential fencing can:

  • Provide beauty as well as enhanced security – Ornamental fencing is normally used around high value homes that need a bit of extra security. These fences are often made from wrought iron, stone or brick because of those material’s durability and eye catching beauty.
  • Keep your children and pets safe – Backyard fences can be made from almost anything although chain link and wood seems to be the most prevalent. These fences are perfect for keeping your children safe while keeping unwanted visitors and animals out.
  • Block unwanted attention – Everyone likes to get away from time to time but the close proximity of your neighbor’s home may make that impossible. A solid privacy fence made from quality lumber will protect your privacy while increasing your home’s value.
  • Provide a safe environment for your pool – Pools are extremely dangerous for young children so laws have been passed in most states to require pool fencing. You need a pool fence that you can see through, that provides a secure entry, that can’t be climbed on and there are height and installation requirements as well. Vinyl and chain link are very popular choices for pool fencing considering their open weave and secure design.
  • Mark the boundaries of your property – Pickett fences and split rail fences are perfect for this role. They are an affordable option if you need to cover a lot of area and they look great in a residential setting. Many HOA actually require this type of fence because of the aesthetic appeal.

Commercial fencing uses some of the same types as residential but it has a different focus. Each type of residential fence is primarily focused on one job. You need a privacy fence to block line of sight or you need a pool fence to protect your backyard pool. When you install a fence for your business it has to fill multiple functions like:

  • Upgrading your security – A strong fence is a basic component of any security setup. Some companies may just need a chain link fence to make entry more difficult but others can combine barbed wire and security cameras to create a more formidable barrier.
  • Keeping your liability to a minimum – Some companies have areas of the property that may be restricted or unsafe. A fence will clearly mark these areas so people have an unmistakable warning of where they shouldn’t go.
  • Give your clients or employees their privacy – Businesspeople need their privacy for a variety of reasons. Take a divorce attorney for example. Their clients may not want anyone to know that they have been visiting an attorney’s office and a wooden privacy fence can prevent that.
  • Be eye catching to attract business – Perception is very important in a commercial setting. No matter how strong or well designed your fence is, potential clients could be turned away if it looks ugly. A commercial fence needs to make you look like a professional, not a prison guard.

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