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Roswell, Georgia has always been a great place to raise a family. It is far enough away from Atlanta to offer a good selection of outdoor attractions like parks and rivers but it’s still close enough to give access to all the entertainment and shopping you could ever want. Roswell has a close knit, friendly community that we are happy to be a part of. We have been installing and repairing fences in Roswell and throughout Fulton County for years and we try to make each fence become a part of its beautiful surroundings.

What is the FenceWorks of Georgia difference?

Decorated Chain Link FenceFirst and foremost, it’s our highly trained and friendly staff. We only employ the most highly skilled contractors to work at FenceWorks of Georgia because our reputations are very important to us. Over time we have gradually built a solid team of professionals that you can count on for your fencing needs. Our team consists of many different kinds of people to assist you and answer all of your questions. The team includes customer service reps, wood craftsman, fence installation experts, and project managers. Each person fills a vital role to ensure your project will finish on budget and on time.

We take our customer service very seriously so we make the following promise to each of you:

We promise to provide you with high quality work at the lowest competitive pricing. We will always start and complete our jobs on time and when we make appointments or promises, we keep them!”

This attention to customer satisfaction and high quality work sets us apart from your standard fencing contractor.

What materials are best to build with?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask our fencing specialists. Our experts can build fences using wood, vinyl, chain link, wrought iron, metal and countless other materials. The three most common materials that our clients use are:

  1. Wood – Wood is an extremely good looking and versatile material. It can be used in fencing ranging from privacy fences to pool fences. It is affordable and easy to install but it also has a major drawback. Wood requires frequent maintenance especially if you live in a humid environment. When not properly taken care of a wooden fence is prone to rot, mold and sagging.
  2. Chain Link – Chain link fences are fairly inexpensive when compared to other fencing materials like wood or vinyl. Since the material is flexible it can withstand falling limbs and high winds much better than other fences. It is also surprisingly difficult to cut through which allows for added security. Its versatility and strength makes it perfect for backyard fences, pool fences and security fences. The only drawback to chain Link is its appearance. Some people don’t like the look of it in a residential area and in time, chain link fences may start to rust which will further hurt its appeal.
  3. Wrought Iron – Wrought iron fencing is a high end option and its cost is one of its primary drawbacks but many find that it is worth the money. You will often see wrought iron fences in front of upscale homes and public buildings for a few reasons:
    • Wrought iron cannot be cut through easily so your only choice is to climb over if you want to circumvent one. This is why many wrought iron fences have decorative but sharp post toppers. They may look fantastic but climbing over these artistic designs can be just as dangerous as climbing over barbed wire. A lot of times wrought iron fences will be combined with brick to give it an old world, sophisticated look but it also makes the fence that much more impenetrable.
    • When it comes to durability, wrought iron leaves other fencing materials like wood and vinyl in the dust. They hold up to damage that would destroy other fences and can last for years looking the same as the day they were installed.
    • The name “wrought” iron actually comes from the ability to shape it into any configuration you choose. Because of its malleable nature artists can create unique designs and eye-catching patterns not possible with other fences.

How to start your new fence project

Before you begin the installation of your new fence you should get all the information you can. Feel free to ask our specialists any question you may have, including:

  • What kind of materials do they recommend for your fence and why those materials?
  • What is the procedure for replacing or repairing your fence?
  • What type of warranty do they provide for the fence in question?
  • What do their other clients have to say about their work?

 Get the ball rolling with a free estimate

At FenceWorks of Georgia, we guarantee that regardless of the job size, It will be completed quickly and efficiently to keep down on your costs.  If you need a fence repair, fence demolition or you want a brand new fence installed, one call does it all 770-452-9900.