Atlanta Chain Link Fence Installation

Atlanta Chain Link Fence Installation

One of the most popular fencing materials sold at Fenceworks of Georgia is chain link. Chain link fencing can be used in almost any situation, is reasonably affordable and can last for years. Throughout the southeast and Atlanta chain link fences are found:

  • In residential areas acting as backyard fences.
  • Around public and private pools to provide security as well as visibility.
  • In commercial areas to partition off sections of a property and provide security while directing traffic to the right areas.

The main drawback to using chain link fences traditionally was its blank, industrial look, but that is a thing of the past. You can now buy chain link fencing in a variety of colors, such as black vinyl, without losing any of the many benefits.

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Choosing The Right Fence For The Right Job



It gives the appearance of a secure area. It may not deter a serious criminal but most people will notice a chain link fence and understand it is a place they are not supposed to go.



Some larger companies have parts of their property that are off limits to everyone except a select few employees. One of the best ways to keep everyone where they are supposed to be is with gated chain link fences.



A chain link fence can be combined with more serious security measures, such as barbed wire, to present a formidable barrier. Chain link fences can prevent vandalism, theft and countless other crimes.


Chain Link Pet Fences

When it is time to build a pet fence, you want one that is secure, durable and easy to see through. That way you can always keep an eye on what your pet is up to. A chain link fence can provide all three of these things.

A chain link fence allows your pet to:

  • Safely get exercise without being in danger from running into the road or getting lost.
  • Learn about boundaries so they understand where home is.
  • Protect other people from your dog, or your dog from other animals. No matter how friendly your dog is, there is a chance they could become frightened and hurt a stranger so it is better to keep them safely inside a fence.

Pool Fences

Pools can be dangerous places especially for little kids. To help keep them safe, a variety of laws have been passed about what constitutes a pool fence. There are specific height restrictions and you must have a fence type that is difficult for children to climb on.

A chain link fence with a tight weave is perfect for this role. It can be as tall as you need, prevents climbing and parents can easily see what is going on inside. Plus you don’t run the risk of splinters like you would from a wooden fence.


Backyard Fences

Whether or not a chain link fence is right for your neighborhood is often up to personal preference and your home owners association.

Some people do not like to use a chain link fence in a residential neighborhood because of its utilitarian looks.

If your HOA allows its use, a chain link fence is an easy, low cost option when you want your children or pets to have the run of the backyard.

The Pros And Cons
Of Chain Link

Although a chain link fence is extremely versatile, there are still times that it would be the wrong choice. For instance if you want to build a privacy fence, chain link would be of little help without the use of privacy slats.

Pros of Chain Link

  • Chain link is fairly inexpensive when compared to other fencing materials like wood or vinyl.
  • Chain link is extremely hard to damage. Since it is flexible, it can withstand falling limbs and high winds much better than other fences. It is also surprisingly difficult to cut through which allows for added security.
  • Chain link is extremely versatile as you have seen from the examples above. It can be used in almost any environment or situation.

Cons of Chain Link

  • Chain link has a very utilitarian look that not everyone likes. Plus, if they are not maintained they can start to rust which with further hurts their aesthetic appeal.
  • Chain link has an open weave. This makes it perfect for situations where you need to keep an eye on what’s going on but it does not help you if you need your privacy.

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