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Metal fences come in a myriad of styles and they can serve a multitude of purposes. Throughout the southeast, you can find metal fences in neighborhoods, industrial districts, business parks and just about any other setting you can think of.

Metal fencing like wrought iron, aluminum or steel can be beautiful and ornate enough to perfectly enhance and protect and property.

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Wrought Iron Fencing

You will often see wrought iron fences in front of homes and public buildings for several reasons. Wrought iron is:

  • Very secure – It cannot be cut through easily so your only choice is to climb over if you want to circumvent one. This is why many wrought iron fences have decorative but sharp post toppers. They may look fantastic but climbing over some of these artistic designs can be just as dangerous as climbing over barbed wire. A lot of times these fences will be combined with brick to give it an old world, sophisticated look but it also makes the fence that much more impenetrable.
  • Extremely durable – When it comes to durability, wrought fences leave other fencing materials like wood and vinyl in the dust. They hold up to damage that would destroy other fences and can last for years looking the same as the day they were installed.
  • Decorative – Wrought Iron comes in many different design options from standard to ornate and customized options to suit any style or purpose.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is similar to chain link in that it is a versatile and low cost option. However aluminum fences tend to have a more aesthetic appeal and can be easily used in a commercial or residential setting. Aluminum fences tend to be:

  • Inexpensive – If you are on tight budget then an aluminum fence is a good option.
  • Low maintenance – Once you have an aluminum fence installed correctly, it can last for years without fading, rusting or rotting.
  • Easy to install and repair – Since they are light weight, aluminum fences can be put up quickly and repaired easily even if you have to do it on your own.

Aluminum fencing does have a few important weaknesses to consider:

  • They are not very strong so they can’t bear up under weight and damage like other metal fences can.
  • They tend to dent easily because aluminum is softer than other metals.
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Steel Fencing

Steel fences share many of the benefits of wrought iron and aluminum fences without their drawbacks. Steel fences can give you almost the same look as wrought iron and aluminum, but it is much stronger and more durable. Steel can be great for both residential and commercial settings and makes a great security fence for all properties.

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