DIY Wooden Fence Repair

Wooden Fence Repair Tips

Fenceworks of GA wants to share a few easy ways to repair your wooden fence.  This DIY tutorial is simple, and can save you money by taking an hour or so to do it yourself.  Wooden fences are a great way to keep your home secure and maintain privacy.  Here are a few DIY tips for repairing your wooden fence at home.

Wooden fences look fantastic and they are by far the most popular type of fencing material. The only problem with wooden fences is that they are prone to rot and decay. Over time wood can get soft, slats can fall off and posts will get loose. The first then you need to do is walk your fence line and find any problem spots then use the following steps.

When you find a fence post that is wobbly:

  1. Look to see if it is rotten or broken. If so then just replace it.
  2. If not then you will need to get a pair of 2×4’s long enough to go below the frost line and stick up a foot and a half above the ground.
  3. Drive them down on either side of the post to brace it
  4. Drill a hole through the two boards and the post. Then attach them all together using a carriage bolt.

If the rail is beyond repair then you will have to replace the whole piece:

  1. Start by cutting a 2×4 to replace the top rail. Measurements can vary between sections so always measure first. Make sure the posts are fitted tightly against the top rail before you nail them into place using 2 10d galvanized nails.
  2. Do the same as in number one for the bottom rail. Make sure the rail is tight against the post before driving the nails through the fence post and into the end of the rail.
  3. Since you carefully measure the spacing of the rails, all of the fence boards should be the same length so you can cut them in bulk. Use 2 8d nails at the top and the bottom of each board to secure it into place. Double checks to ensure the boards are evenly spaced and there is no variation.