Atlanta Driveway Gates and Entries

Atlanta Driveway Gates and Entries

First impressions matter. When a visitor comes to your home or business, you want it to project the right image.

A beautiful wrought iron, wood, aluminum or steel gate and entry system can make a great impression on your visitors while also providing an element of security that a standard fence gate can’t provide.

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Choosing The Right Gate For The Right Property

Gates come in all shapes and sizes so you have to know where to start looking. The first thing to consider is your property. Do you want a new gate for your home, or your business?

Commercial Gates

Commercial gates are built for performance over aesthetics so you wouldn’t want to use them in a residential setting. Instead of choosing a gate based on how it looks you need to decide where you will be using the gate and what it needs to do:

Automatic Slide Gates

These gates are most often used for large businesses that want to restrict traffic to their parking lot. The gate has wheels attached to the bottom that lets them slide into and out of place as needed. These require a lot of room to operate since the entire gate has to slide to the side when it opens. If you don’t have ample room to either side of your driveway then this gate will not work for you.

V Track Slide Gates

The V type slide gate is the most common type and they last for quite a while. It does not take up nearly as much room as a standard sliding gate but it isn’t a good choice if your location experiences a lot of snow and ice. Any debris can block the track and stop the gate from opening.

Cantilever Slide Gates

These gates are perfect for the snowy conditions that give the slide gates so much trouble. Instead of having wheels on the ground, these gates use wheels on a post so they are not bothered by debris.

Rear Pipe Track Slide Gates

These are lower end chain link gates that take up about as much room as a V track gate. They can be manual or automatic but if you make one into an automatic you have to replace one of the wheels with a “V”-track wheel and install a ground track.

Swing Gates

These are similar to the gates you would see on a residential fence. They can be installed as a single that opens like a standard door or a double that swings open like French doors. You just have to make sure you either set them back from the road or install them to swing inward so you don’t injure a passerby.

Barrier Gates

If you have ever been in a parking garage or driven through a toll booth then you are already familiar with this type of gate. They are purely for vehicle or traffic control but they are an extremely cost effective solution if you have a traffic problem.

Pivot Gates

When you need added security a Pivot gate is like the Barrier gate’s big brother. Imagine that instead of a piece of wood, an 8 foot tall steel wall rises and falls to admit your vehicle and you get the idea behind a Pivot gate.

Lift Gates

Lift gates are extremely expensive and secure so you will normally only see them in an industrial setting. They usually consist of an enormous and heavy gate that is lifted up to let you drive under before being lowered back into place.

Residential Gates

For the most part, residential gates are chosen for security, privacy and aesthetics. Property owners usually choose between the following gate types:

Swing Gates

These are by far the most common residential gate type. They can open inward or outward in a single or double door configuration. They are simple to install and cost much less than automatic gate systems.

Cantilever Gates

These open on a counterbalance system and are free floating from the driveway. It makes them easy to automate because they can easily operate in situations where ground debris such as snow or stick would block other gates from opening.

Rolling Gates

These gates are a great way to limit access to your driveway and they can be manual or automated. But they run on tracks so they can be blocked from opening by ground debris.

Picking the right material for the right gate

Once you know which type of gate best fits your needs, you must decide the correct material to construct it from. FenceWorks of Georgia offers a wide range of materials for both commercial and residential gates. You can purchase a gate constructed from Chain Link, aluminum or steel, or if you need to make an impression, you can get an custom Estate Gate as well. If you are unsure of the type of gate and material you need, we can help answer all of your questions.

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Are You Ready To Get Started With Your Gate Installation?

Fenceworks of Georgia installs custom driveway, estate and commercial gates and entries in Atlanta and across the greater metro area. Our gates and entry systems are the perfect way to protect your property from trespassers, unwanted salesmen or just to ensure that you maintain privacy on your property. We specialize in both residential and industrial entry systems to ensure that you know who is on your property at all times. Give us a call at 770-452-9900 to speak with a fencing expert and get a free estimate.