Great Dog Fences for Pet Owners

Great Dog fences in Atlanta GA can be difficult when many areas don’t allow a traditional, aboveground fence to be installed.  An underground fence is a great way to keep a do safe without building a traditional fence.  To do this the best way to start…
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Research Your Fence Regulations Before You Build

Building a fence can be a costly undertaking if you do not look before you leap. Some people pay out a lot of money for expensive materials and labor costs only to find out that their new fence violates local regulations. Then they either have…
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Installing a Wood Picket Fence

Wood picket fences have always been part of the American landscape and they are just as popular now as they have ever been. A picket fence is not as difficult to install as many other types of fencing but you should not skip any steps…
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Budgeting Considerations for a Privacy Fence

A fence can be a real budget buster if you do not plan ahead. There are many different considerations that will affect the project cost but labor and material cost are the most important. Labor is all about whether you will do the work yourself…
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Your Guide to the Best Fences in Atlanta

Fences in Atlanta run the gamut.  The metro-Area's housing is quite diverse. The landscape can go from urban cityscapes to tree filled forest within a few minute’s drive.  In all of these areas there are needs for fences for a wide range of reasons. If…
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