5 Things to Remember when Building a great Atlanta Pool Fence

Are you thinking about adding a Pool Fence in Atlanta to your home? In some places, pool fences are a must because the neighborhood or city says so. Other places, there isn’t any regulation or law that makes pool owners put up a pool fence, however that doesn’t make it any less of a must. Installing a pool fence in Atlanta has one huge priority in mind and that is safety. This is especially important if you have kids or there are kids in the neighborhood. Following are some things to consider when choosing your pool fence in Atlanta.

  1. You want a fence that isn’t easy to climb, as that beats the entire purpose of a pool fence in Atlanta. This means keeping thefence structure clean and simple, relatively free of features that kids or adults can use as hand and foot holds.
  2. Don’t use chain link. They are also easy to get through, and can be a dangerous type of pool fence in Atlanta.
  3. Wood is a good material, however they tend to be more dense meaning that if there are kids in the pool you will have to be within the fence to see them.
  4. Metal is probably your best bet. Wrought iron is a great choice because it provides visibility but isn’t as climbable. Aluminum can have the same affect.
  5. When building your fence, you want the height no shorter than four feet and the width between the bars no less than 4 inches apart. Again, the last thing you want is a small child squeezing through the bars.

Pool fences in Atlanta are something that you can install yourself, however if you don’t have the time or energy to do so, consider hiring professionals. This will also ensure that the job is done as well as possible, and contractors can design a fence with your specifications in mind while also providing further insight in how to maintain the safety of your or other’s children by keeping them out of the pool when unsupervised. Give Fenceworks of Georgia a call today. With their knowledgeable workers and efficient use of time, you’ll have a pool fence in Atlanta in no time.