Fun Ideas for Your Pool Fence

Got a pool? Then you’re probably considering building a pool fence in Atlanta. There are many reasons to build a pool fence in Atlanta, but hands down the biggest reason is for safety — especially if you have children, or even if there’s a possibility neighborhood children might be tempted to use your pool on those hot summer days. There are some general recommendations and considerations when installing a pool fence in Atlanta that can assist you in installing a fence that serves its function well:

  • Accessibly: You want to be sure that the fence isn’t accessible to unwanted guests, which means decorative fences that offer any type of improvised foot and hand holds should be avoided.
  • Spacing: If the boards are too far apart, pets and small children can easily slip between them. Likewise, if the space at the bottom of the fence is too far off the ground, pets and children can slide under.
  • Anchoring: Make sure that your pool fence in Atlanta is very firmly and securely in place. If the fence is not sturdy or durable, it can easily be lifted to allow passage or even knocked down.
  • Gating: Gates for your pool fence in Atlanta should open outward, away from the pool. You want the pool to close by itself and latch by itself . Where the latch is placed is also important when installing your pool fence in Atlanta: you want it far out of reach from children — even if they manage to find something to climb on.

Taking these precautions mean safety for children and pets, as well as protection of your property should trespassers try to use your pool. Fenceworks of Georgia will know any requirements that are specific to your area, as well as be able to install a pool fence that doesn’t fall down on the job.