How to Choose the Perfect Fence Material

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For a long time, building a fence was a rather simple process. You could choose from wood, stone or wrought iron depending on the style of fence that you wanted and what role you needed it to play. People chose wood for its low cost and wrought iron for enhanced security. Today there are many different kinds of material to choose from that include composite and manmade fencing, which are relatively new to the market. Each type of fencing material has its own pros and cons. In the list below, I  will describe a few of the most popular choices in each category to give you a better idea of what type is right for you.

Let’s start with the metallic and alloy fences:

Chain link is probably the most popular fencing type over all categories. It is the cheapest and most people will be able to install it on their own. Chain link is weather resistant and very strong so it is perfect for areas that need extra security. Although, you can get vinyl coated chain link in various colors it is not as attractive as most other fences and it does not provide any privacy. If you need a fence for decorative purposes then an aluminum fence would be perfect but when added security is a must, wrought iron fencing is still the top of the heap.

Natural fencing materials tend to look great but they also have the highest price tag:

• Wood fencing is very popular with home owners because it is relatively easy to install and the materials are easily found at local hardware stores. Price depends on the type of fence that you want to install and how thick the wood needs to be. The major drawback is that wooden fences are the most susceptible to weather and deterioration.

Synthetic and composite materials are often seen as the middle ground between metal and natural materials. It is as durable as stone but as economical as chain link.

Vinyl would be the most popular type of synthetic fencing because of its easy installation and the fact that you will never need to maintain it other than possibly washing it off with a hose.  The drawbacks are that most pieces are a predetermined length which makes sizing difficult and it can get expensive when dealing with very long or tall fences.