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White Picket Fence

White picket fence – it’s the ideal of any homeowner who want to bring that “All-American” look to their property.  Since the 1950’s, and even before, the white picket fence has come to symbolize security, safety and happy family.  A white picket fence has a long history in this country and it’s a popular addition to many homes to increase curb appeal and resale value.  To get the perfect look it’s a bright idea to call a professional contractor who has expertise in this kind of construction and many others.  Consult websites, friends and neighbors about who they used for their white picket fence and then look at warranties and other projects in which the companies specialize.White Picket Fence

Some Historical White Picket Fence Facts:

1)      After the founding of the original 13 colonies, the weather created the need for a durable enclosure that was attractive as well as practical.

2)      The white picket fence got its start from the look seen as far back as the medieval structures erected from locally found wood.

3)      The original use of a white picket fence was to show one’s property lines, not to project a sign of economic prosperity adopted much later in America.

4)      Today this enclosure fits the theme of almost any home while also providing utilitarian bonuses such as keeping kids in the yard, family pets out of traffic and animals not in the care of a homeowner off the property.  It’s also still a great way to show where one’s property lines end and another’s begins.  Like the Robert Frost poem Mending Wall, “Good fences make good neighbors”.

5)      There is an air of success or family unity projected today by the installation of a white picket fence.

6)      The media has picked up on this “air of success” and used it in the title of several television shows and movies over the years as well as being mentioned in classic American literature.

A white picket fence has mostly been thought to be for looks, but it does serve a purpose in security, privacy as well as an attractive look many appreciate.  These are just a few historical facts about the white picket fence, but to learn more about how to make this American Dream a reality at an affordable price, call in a professional contractor to do the best job possible.