Top 3 Tips for Maintaining your Fence this Winter!

Your Alpharetta GA fence company wants you to know how important it is to maintain your fence through the winter months. There are many weather conditions in the winter months that will cause excessive wear. You should be aware of how the freezing, snowy, wet months affect your fence and what you can do to stop it.

3 Great Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Fence:

  1. Due to excess moisture during this type of weather, wood becomes more susceptible to damage. Making sure you have a good coat of sealant, or waterproof stain, can make sure that the damage doesn’t set it. It will prevent against things like rot, mold, and mildew.
  2. Make sure you clear your fence of debris often. Leaves, mud, or fallen twigs and limbs covering the fence will cause moisture to be trapped against it. This can cause excessive weakening of the material and cause more damage than you think. Just take a few minutes to clear out debris when you see it. Otherwise you could be facing some serious repairs come spring.
  3. Check the base, or soil, that your fence stands in. Prolonged moisture can cause cracks in cement, or the precipitation can cause shifts in soil. Either way, you will be left with a big problem on your hands. If a certain part of your fence is leaning it could cause the whole structure to fall, or break and crack. Just check around the area to make sure your material in packed in as well as possible.

Maintaining your fence during the winter months can save you a repair down the road. Though, if you find yourself needing fence repair in GA give Fenceworks of GA a call. This Alpharetta GA fence company has years of experience and are well prepared to build, install, or repair your fence no matter what style or material you choose.