Tips to Get Your Fence and Backyard Ready for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and before you know it you’re going to want to spend more time outdoors. But how is your outdoor area looking?

We all know that winter can take its toll on any backyard or patio space. Even though plants, shrubs, and trees quickly spring back to life, there is often quite a lot of cleaning up to do. If you have fences or screens, these should be checked for any damage or deterioration, and given a good spring clean. If you have a followed a good maintenance plan, and did any necessary painting, sealing, and fixing before the winter months, chances are the spring clean will be minimal. But don’t take this for granted.

Even though you aren’t likely to spend all your time in your backyard this summer, you’ll want to be sure that when you do, you don’t have to clean up before you can enjoy it. With this in mind, we have compiled a handy list of the top ten tips to get your backyard and fence ready for this year’s summer.

Top Ten Tips For the Perfect Summer Outside

  1. The first step is to do a thorough cleanup. Get rid of fallen leaves, broken branches, and any other debris that might have accumulated. If you have a patio with a solid surface like concrete slabs or brick paving, sweep it clean too.
  2. Most of us tend to ignore our gardens during the winter months, so in addition to a general build up of debris, there’s a good chance that the area alongside patios and fences will need some weeding. While you’re pulling the weeds, take the opportunity to aerate the soil in garden beds with a small garden fork too.
  3. Spring and early summer are also a good time to sow seeds or plant seedlings. If you have perennials and shrubs, check these for any dead stalks and stems, and remove them. If there are gaps where shrubs have died, replace them now.
  4. Once the area adjacent to your fence is clean, check the fence itself for dirt. The extent will depend largely on the type of fence you have, and a quick hose-down might be all you need. But some materials including tough, long-wearing vinyl, can attract mold in wet weather. There are various proprietary cleaners you can use, just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s’ instructions.
  5. Check your fence for damage. Dirt is usually relatively easy to clean, but damage will take a bit more effort. Again, the type of fence you have will determine possible damage. Check upright posts and poles, as well as slats, pickets, panels, and so on. If your fence is made of metal, lookout for any signs of rust. If you catch early signs of rust you can sand it off and then repaint. You could also coat with a proprietary rust-inhibiting product.
  6. Fences almost always incorporate some kind of gate or door. Check hinges as well as latches and other closing devices. If they aren’t working properly, replace them or have them replaced.
  7. Even if your fence or screen isn’t damaged in any way it’s important to check that the paint or sealer is still sound and hasn’t begun to flake, peel, or blister. If it has, then take immediate action and either get stuck in yourself, or hire an experienced Atlanta fence installation company that offers a maintenance service to do the job for you.
  8. If you have other garden structures like pergolas, arches, or arbors, check these for dirt and damage too. Again, the material used for the structure will determine the action you will need to take.
  9. If you haven’t been diligent in terms of maintenance, you might be faced with replacing your fence. If so, be sure to call in a reputable Atlanta fence installation company to provide you with a free estimate!
  10. This is also a good time to re-evaluate your backyard as a whole. If you don’t already have a deck or patio where you can spend time on balmy summer days and evenings, now is the time to start planning.

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