How to Decorate Your Picket Fence for Summer

If you have a picket fence, perhaps that stark, white picket fence encircling your front yard is too bland for your taste. The picket fence has long been a staple of the American dream involving a home, kids, and a dog. Yet, you never hear much about how to spruce up that picket fence for the seasons. If you don’t have one, perhaps it’s time to call in some experts who can build one without breaking your bank account. A quality Atlanta fence company with years of experience would love to make your dream a reality.

Here are a few ideas for those who already own a picket fence:

  • Atlanta-Fence-Company18Plant flowers around the posts and then hang small, lightweight planters along the railing to draw the eye away from the plain Jane exterior there before. Be creative. Choose your favorite colors, or favorite flowers, and then get to work redefining the concept of “going green”.
  • If your tastes are a little more eclectic, how about bird houses or even wreaths? These can be staggered along the picket fence in any motif you see fit. Hit yard sales, thrift stores, art supply centers, or home improvement warehouses and find a few inexpensive bird houses to really catch the eye of those walking by. Use the wreaths draped over the posts with faux flowers that match the colors bursting from the earth as summer heats up. You are limited only by your imagination.
  • If you’re a bit adventurous, try planning Morning Glories at the bottom of each post and carefully manicure the beautiful vines up the slats of the picket fence. Be careful here as allowing any vine to take over will eventually cause damage. However, if you’ve got the guts, the blossoming results will be your glory.

These are just a few suggestions on how to make your picket fence pop this summer. If you notice rot in the wood, hinges rusted shut, or other kinds of permanent damage out of your comfort zone, call an Atlanta fence company that prizes customer satisfaction to get an estimate. Summer is almost here and decorating your picket fence is just one of the many things you can do for little cost to make your whole home breath a fresh breath of air.