Start the New Year With Great Looking Fence

Its nearly the end of another year, and with it come the inevitable New Year’s resolutions and lists of what to do. Generally, these relate to personal and home-orientated intentions and resolves from being a better friend to improving one’s backyard environment. So, why not start the New Year with a great home improvement project?

There are many ways you can improve a fence, depending largely on the material the fence is made from. And the results can be incredibly satisfying.

The Best Fence Improvements

So what can you do to improve the appearance of your fence and the area adjacent to it? Here are some ideas:

  • Wood fences are generally hardy, but they should be regularly stained and/or sealed to make them weatherproof. Even if you did this before winter, if it’s been a harsh one, it’s a good idea to re-stain and seal in the new year.
  • If any fences are painted, regardless of the material used to construct them, the new year is a great time to repaint. While maintenance projects involve scraping down blistered and/or peeling paint, you could tackle a total makeover using paint. Add some color and go from bland to bright and embrace spring.
  • Chainlink fences are practical and relatively inexpensive, but they aren’t usually particularly pretty. Get creative and do some planting. Of course, you could simply plant shrubs in a straight line alongside the fence, but why not try a color theme, with larger plants next to the fence, and smaller ones in front. Instead of straight lines, curve the beds for added interest.
  • Both wood and vinyl panel fences can benefit from the addition of plants to soften their lines. If you don’t like the idea of flower beds or shrubs next to the fence, your new year home improvement project could be to build one or more flower boxes for use next to the fence.

And if You Don’t Have a Fence?

If you don’t already have a fence, what better time to plan for one that you can build or have installed in the new year?

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