Start Your Atlanta Fence Project in the Fall

While spring is an ideal time to clean and spruce up your home and garden, fall is a great time to start more basic projects like designing or installing a fence especially if you can get it completed before mid-winter. Otherwise, plan your fence project now and tackle construction in spring when the snow has melted and your backyard is starting to come alive again.

The kind of fence project you decide to tackle will depend entirely on your needs and budget. It will also depend on the environment in which you live and whether your primary concerns relate to a need for privacy, security, or simply aesthetics.

So what does a fence project entail?

Let FenceWorks of Georgia Help Plan Your Next Fence Project

Planning and preparation are vital for any type of home and garden project.

When planning a fence it is important to determine exactly where it will be positioned and where you will install gates. If the fence is to be built on the boundary you need to be absolutely sure where boundary lines are and whether any building lines will come into play. Generally, a fence is considered to be the property of the owner of the land it is built on, so you might want to ensure it is on your side of the boundary to avoid any possible disputes with neighbors at a later stage.

Be aware that the local authority governing your area might have requirements in terms of fences facing the curb. Some local codes and ordinances have restrictions in terms of materials used and height. You may also have to submit plans for approval before you start the build. Contact your local authority to check before you start planning your fence project.

Of course, the material to be used is an essential element to decide on. Type and style are also pivotal. Once you know what you want, and are sure it permitted, you can get costings to make sure the fence project fits your budget.

Options for home fences include wood and metal fences manufactured in numerous different styles.

Ultimately, weather conditions will determine just how much construction or installation work can be done on a fence project during winter, but you can certainly start a fence project in late fall. Furthermore, if you’re in Georgia, the team at FenceWorks of Georgia will help you start your fence project now or later so that you’ll be ready for your fence installation as soon as possible.