Stain Your Wooden Fence and Get it Looking Great for Summer

Wooden fences are by far the most popular with Atlanta Fence Builders. They add a homey touch to your property while serving many different functions. A Wooden Fence can be used to keep your children and pets safely in the yard, keep out your neighbors prying eyes or just act as a boundary demarcation.

The only problem with a Wooden Fence is its susceptibility to the elements. They can warp during the rains, crack during the winter and bleach out under the intense Georgia heat. For this reason most Atlanta Fence Builders treat their lumber or add a stain to the fence once it is completed.

Applying a quality stain is not to difficult to do yourself if you prefer to avoid calling an Atlanta Fence Company for help. Before you get started you will need to get some exterior wood stain, a stain applicator and wood cleaner. Once you have the materials just follow these steps:

  • Sealing Wooden FenceLook over your fence.
    Give it a thorough visual inspection and repair any broken or missing boards. If there are nail heads sticking up then you will need to nail them back down. Fix any problems you can see that might cause a problem for you.
  • Thoroughly wash the fence. Pay special attention to any portion that has mildew or discoloration. You may need to mix dish detergent into the water if the stains prove difficult to remove. Once you have finished washing the fence, leave it to dry completely.
  • Test the stain. Find a little out of the way place on the fence to test your stain. Some stains look different on various types of wood so you need to double check before you paint the entire fence the wrong color.
  • Use the stain applicator with the grain of the wood. For the best results, you may want to use a selection of applicators like a medium nap brush or a paint sprayer depending on which portion of the fence you are working on.
  • Always leave a wet edge. That way the next segment of the fence will blend seamlessly with the last