Stain Your Wooden Fence and Get it Looking Great

Wood fences are hugely popular in Atlanta. They are attractive, and they add character and curb appeal to any property.

Of course, wood fences also fulfill practical functions by:

  • demarcating boundaries
  • preventing pets and children from leaving the property
  • providing a barrier for security
  • if solid providing additional privacy

The expected lifespan of a wood fence depends on several factors including the type of wood used for construction, the stain and sealer used to finish it, and on-going maintenance efforts. Wood fences are more susceptible to the elements than other types, mainly PVC/vinyl and metal.

There is never a wrong time to do fence maintenance, repairs, and some staining and sealing, except when the weather itself is terrible. But then who wants to be outside in the rain, hail, snow, or when it is stormy, or the wind is howling? You just need to decide whether you are going to do the work yourself or call in an Atlanta fence company to do the job for you. Whichever route you choose to take, the process is going to be the same, starting with checking what needs to be done, fixing anything that is broken or has deteriorated, cleaning the wood, and then staining, and finally sealing.

The advantage of staining is that it revitalizes the lumber and, provided you choose a good quality product, will feed it as well. Staining your wood fence is undoubtedly the best way to get it looking great again.

If you decide to go the DIY route, this is the process you should follow.

Check and Fix Your Wood Fence

As part of the planning process, do a thorough visual inspection of your fence. You don’t have to do the work immediately, in fact, it’s generally better to be sure of what’s required before you do anything at all. So, look for nails that have come loose, screws and bolts that have rusted, and any damage to, or deterioration of, the wood. Also check for mildew, rot, and any form of staining on the surface.

Once you have all the bits and pieces that you need to fix or replace the fence, get to work. If there’s more to do than you imagined at first, the professional team at FenceWorks of Georgia is here to help.

Clean the Fence Thoroughly

While mildew and areas that have become discolored or stained will require special attention, you will need to clean the entire fence. You cannot apply stain to a wood surface that isn’t prepped and dry.

Generally, a household detergent will be sufficient for cleaning, but sometimes a more specific wood cleaning solution may be required.

Stain Your Wooden Fence

You’re going to need a good quality exterior wood stain, a suitable brush or sprayer, and the correct materials to clean up. Most stains are either water-based or require mineral turpentine for dilution and cleaning.

Some products enable you to stain and seal in one go. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before you buy!

Next, get to work staining! Staining a wood fence isn’t difficult, you will need to work systematically and follow the instructions on your products.

It can be overwhelming if a lot of regular maintenance needs completing before you get started. So, if you’re primarily a DIY type, be sure to do routine maintenance and to re-stain regularly. If not, get professional help to ensure you don’t end up with an investment that is reducing in value!