How to Choose the Right Material for Your New Fence

Adding a fence to your home is a great investment to increase the property value of your house. Deciding what materials to use to build your new fence is an easy task once you decide on the main purpose of having a fence.

Are you building your fence to protect your kids and pets so they can enjoy running around the yard carefree? Are you seeking privacy due to living in a high traffic area or to shield your activities from nosy neighbors?

Now that you have figured out your fence’s purpose, the next step is to decide what materials you want your fence to be made of. However, there are a few more things to consider before you make your decision on building material.

Four Things to Consider Before Building a Fence

  • Budget

Have you decided on a specific amount to spend on your fence? Do you know if cheap or low-cost materials will be sufficient to build a strong fence?

  • Maintenance

How much fence upkeep are you willing to do? Are you ok with staining or painting your fence, or will a simple spray or wipe clean surface work better for you?

  • Aesthetics

How important is the appearance of your fence? What style are you going for? Is southern charm, contemporary or an intimidating “keep out” look what you have in mind?

  • Homeowners Association

If you are a part of a homeowners association, find out if certain rules apply for fencing materials.

Fence Material Choices

What Type of Fence - Infographic - Atlanta Fence Company

Let’s explore fencing material starting from the lowest to highest costs. The most budget-friendly option is going to be a chain-link fence. It’s definitely a choice based on price over appearance. A chain-link fence will do the job of keeping the dog in the yard and the kids away from the pool, if you have one.

Wood fencing is the second most cost-effective choice, initially. Over time you will have to incur costs to prevent termite damage, rotting and splitting. Wood fencing can be built in a variety of styles to fit the look you want to achieve.

A vinyl fence can give you a wood-like look at more out-of-pocket expense than natural wood. The maintenance is very minimal with vinyl; you may have to pressure wash it or wipe it down from time to time, and you’ll have no worries about critter damage.

Aluminum fences are great if privacy is not a concern for you, but keeping your children and pets safe are the main priority in having a fence. They are more expensive than the vinyl material fence.

A wrought iron fence looks very high end and is highest in price than all of the other materials. You may need to give it a dash of paint here and there to cover rusted areas, but other than that, it requires very little maintenance.

Where to Buy Your Fence

Since we have covered how to choose the right material for your new fence, allow us to at Fenceworks of Georgia to help you with all of your fence design and building needs. Contact us for more information.