Which Residential Fence Options Last the Longest?

Residential fence options are vast and varied both in terms of the materials that can be used and the styles that can be utilized. Some will last longer than others, although good, regular maintenance goes a long way to extending the lifespan of any fence.

So what are the best options for long-lasting residential fences?

Longest Lasting Residential Fence Options

Typically, fences are made from wood of various types. Walls, on the other hand are made from bricks or blocks and mortar, or stone. But while garden wall types haven’t changed much in centuries, the options for fences have continued to evolve.

Today, the longest lasting residential fence types are those made from:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • PVC and vinyl

Metal Fence Options

Perhaps surprisingly, even though people commonly think wood when they think fence, metal has been used for fencing for long time. But while the first metal fences were probably made of wrought iron, today they are generally made from steel that is easy to weld, and aluminum that is incredibly strong and durable.

Both steel and aluminum are now used to craft fences in traditional ornamental styles as well as contemporary designs that are considerably more simple. Metal is the obvious answer for pool fencing as it can be made without ladder-like horizontal slats. Prefabricated sections that may be slotted together are particularly useful.

Of course, most metal does rust, but not if it properly treated. Galvanized steel will last a very long time as will steel that is given a coating of rust-resistant paint. Aluminum is lighter than steel and doesn’t require as much maintenance because it is totally resistant to corrosion. It is the one type of metal that doesn’t rust. It is also often a cheaper option for fences than steel.

Wood Fence Options


Saddle Top Picket Fence with Post ToppersWhile the quintessential wooden picket fence is what many will consider for residential fences, there are many other possibilities including split rails and pole fences, stakes and palings, board fences, and those made using solid wood panels.

To a large extent, the lumber used to make a wood fence will determine how long it will last, but maintenance, which includes regular staining and/or sealing is also key.

While some types of lumber are more naturally resistant to decay, pressure-treated lumber will also last longer. Lumber is also graded according to quality. The best quality wood will last the longest.

PVC and Vinyl Fence Options

PVC and vinyl are more contemporary materials that have not been used for fencing for nearly as long as metal and wood. Composite man-made materials, good quality PVC and vinyl won’t crack or rust and these materials make extraordinarily long-lasting fences.

In addition to the fact that they last a long time, they are also great for privacy and, if high enough, for security fencing too. If you live in Georgia and need a new residential fence, FenceWorks of GA can provide estimates on all the longest lasting fence options. Call us today

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