Repair Fences and Gates Before Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and soon you’ll be able to spend leisure time outdoors again. But how well have your fences and gates stood up to the rigors of winter? If they have broken or deteriorated in any way it’s essential for you to repair them or have them repaired. If you leave gates and fences unattended for any length of time you are likely to run up unnecessary expenses and risk further damage.

On the other hand, if you repair your fences and gates before spring, you can sit back and enjoy the summer months without any maintenance worries – or costs.

What Kind of Damage to Look For

Winter weather can cause havoc when it comes to fences, gates and other outdoor structures. Storm damage can be particularly severe, especially when structural elements are broken or even destroyed. But it’s not only severe damage you need to look out for. Even minor damage can make a very negative impact on fence and gate structures. It might not look bad right now, but if you leave damage unrepaired it may deteriorate very quickly.

So what should you look for?

Typical damage will vary depending on the materials used to construct your gates and fences. For instance, wood is more likely to splinter and split, while metal might rust. All gates have hinges, and most have latches and locks that can break. All fences have some type of upright post that might be set in concrete or straight into the ground.

Check that all posts and upright poles are still standing vertically, 90 degrees from the ground. If they are leaning then the entire fence will be affected. If posts and poles aren’t vertical, investigate what the problem is and rectify. If the post is in soil, you might be able to winch it straight and compact the soil. If it was set in concrete, you might have to remove the concrete footing and reseat it in newly mixed concrete. Upright sections that have been damaged in any way should be replaced unless there is a suitable way to repair them.

Also check panels and rails. In addition to breakage, some materials rot while metal will rust. Even if the fence and gates are still solid, screws and nails can come loose, and these should be re-fastened or replaced.

Painted gates and fences often deteriorate during winter, and might need to be stripped and repainted. Do this as soon as temperatures start to rise. If your wooden fence was properly sealed before winter it shouldn’t need any attention now.

Generally, if you maintain your gates and fences throughout the year it is unlikely there will be any major repairs needed now. In the event of really bad weather conditions having caused unforeseen damage, the easiest option is to call in a professional fence installation company that also undertakes maintenance.

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