Prep Your Wooden Fence for Cooler Fall Weather

Fall Fence Tips

The leaves are starting to fall and so is the temperature so it’s time to kick back by the fire and relax, right? That depends on if you have a wooden fence or not. Wooden fences are extremely popular because they add a certain homey feeling to a property but they are not the best for enduring the elements. They need yearly maintenance to keep out moisture and it is especially vital during winter months. During the summer the dampness will contribute to wood rot but in the winter, the water will work its way into crevices and freeze. Over time the constant freezing and thawing will eventually cause your wooden fence posts to split and the rails to sag.

If you want to prepare your wooden fence for the coming winter then you should do the following:

  1. fall fence tipsClean and waterproof your fence. It is the best way to keep the wood protected from moisture but you have to make sure and apply it correctly. A common mistake people make when waterproofing their fence is that they don’t take the time to clean it before hand. At the least, you should clear it of loose debris and dirt before starting. To really prepare the surface, you should clean it with a mixture of water and bleach to get down into the nooks and crannies.
  2. Keep your leaves raked and away from your fence. Any debris like fallen leaves, that lies right up against your fence, will allow moisture to accumulate on the fence surface. This could weaken your fence posts over time and cause them to lean.
  3. Check for limbs. Before it gets cold you should trim any limbs that look like they could fall onto your fence. Also, you need to clear off fallen limbs as soon as possible. The added weight could further damage your fence especially if you are expecting snowfall on top of it.