4 Best Options for Wood Fences in Atlanta

We’ve all seen wood fences in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. In fact, wood is one of the most popular materials utilized when building fences, and for good reason. Wood fences in Atlanta are low maintenance and long-lasting, far more so than many other materials. They also offer a simple or decorative but always natural appeal that will be beautiful for years if properly maintained. There is also a variety of wood fences in Atlanta to choose from that will suit you personal style as well as the style of your home and landscaping. Wood fences can also stand up to any purpose.

The most popular kinds of wood fences in Atlanta are made out of are Redwood, Cedar, Whitewood, and Bamboo. There are also several treated wood options, though it is important to know what it has been treated with and what affects those treatments might have to the surrounding area. What you need to know about your wood of choice is the type of maintenance and care it will need to last as long as possible. This might include staining or painting to preserve the wood. There is no weather proof wood out there, so there isn’t any maintenance free wood.

Now lets get to the 4 options for wood fences in Atlanta:

1) Space Board Fences: These are often seen at beaches, with spaced boards that often look very natural, untreated, and less regular than other styles. As far as wood fences in Atlanta, this isn’t the most popular choice for residential areas, however they can still make beautiful, interesting fences that create a visible boundary, such as a property marker. However, these wood fences in Atlanta will not keep kids or animals in or out or provide much security.

2) Picket Fence: These are possibly the most popular type of wood fence in Atlanta. They create boundaries without closing out the rest of the neighborhood, making them friendly fences. Their design is very symmetrical. The slat tops are often what make them decorative, and this is where a picket wood fence in Atlanta can be very unique and artistic.

3) Split Rail Fence: This is a more rustic, on the range look best; a wood fence in Atlanta better suited for larger properties. Logs are used instead of posts and are often left natural, with some bark and no finishing. The corners interlace in a way that bring to mind Lincoln Logs, making this wood fence in Atlanta fun and practical.

4) Privacy Fences: This type of wood fence in Atlanta is beginning to show up more and more as people seek more privacy from the neighbors and growing suburban and urban areas. There is very little spacing between slats and therefore a lot more wood is required to install a proper privacy fence. If you live in a crowded area or on a busy road, this is a great option for a wood fence in Atlanta as it can give you a sense of separate space.


For more information on installing wood fences in Atlanta, the types of materials and alternative that are available to you that suit your budget as well as your home and fence needs, give Fenceworks of Georgia a call. Well-known for fast, friendly, professional service, Fenceworks of Georgia can answer any questions you have and get started on building your very own wood fence in Atlanta today!