Now is the Perfect Time to Install Your New Fence

Whether you already have a fence that you want to replace or need to install a new fence in or around your property, now is the perfect time to do it.

But why?

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There are a number of reasons why winter is the perfect time to install your new fence ranging from weather conditions to the fact that many businesses that install fences have less demand for work than they did during the spring and summer months.

Costs Tend to Drop During Fall and Winter

Fencing contractors often offer discounts in fall and winter because they aren’t as busy as they are during spring and summer. Sometimes these can be so good that they enable customers to upgrade to a better quality or type fence. Give it a try.

Winter Fence Installations Often Take Less Time

Because fencing contractors aren’t that busy as the winter months loom, they can generally get work completed more quickly. Those who leave fence installation projects until spring often find that they have to join a waiting list to get the job done.

Consider Your Plants

As winter approaches plants start to go dormant. This is great news if they are close to where your new fence is to be installed this fall because they are unlikely to suffer any long-term damage. Even lawns won’t be affected as badly as they might be during the warmer spring and summer months. And if you need to replace plants or revamp flowerbeds this is an excellent time to do so – after the new fence has been installed of course.

Whether you want a wood, PVC or vinyl, a chain link, decorative steel, or aluminum fence FenceWorks of Georgia can help. Call us now to get a free quote and allocate a time for your new fence installation!