How Much Will a New Fence Cost in Atlanta, GA?

Whether you are planning to contract an Atlanta fence company to build your new fence or plan to do the job yourself, you should do some math before you decide exactly what you are going to do. The length and height of any new fence will have a major impact on its cost, as will the materials used and the design chosen.

The more accurate you are in this planning stage, the better you will be able to budget accurately. In fact, pricing a new fence follows the same procedure as quantifying and costing any other building project, even a house. And while a professional Atlanta fence company will do the pricing for you, it’s prudent to know the kinds of costs you will be in for before you commit to the project.

Pricing a New Fence Step-by-Step

The best advice when costing a new fence for your property or backyard is to work systematically:

  1. Ascertain what primary function your fence will have. This is vital in terms of design, style, and the materials that you will use. For instance, a fence built to provide privacy will need to be reasonably solid so that people can’t see into the area that is being fenced. A security fence, on the other hand, needs to be impenetrable, but not necessarily solid. Even a chain link fence will meet this need. A traditional picket fence intended to define a boundary and enhance the property doesn’t need to be high or solid.
  2. Decide which area is to be fenced and then measure the lines the fence will take. You may want to consider different options in case your budget doesn’t cover the full extent of the fence you want. Alternatively, you might want to split the costing according to different fence types: perhaps a picket fence in front and a wire mesh security fence at the back and sides of the property.
  3. Having identified the function your new fence will have, you can decide on the materials you would prefer to use. Remember to cost in everything from posts and rails to bolts and screws.
  4. If your local authority requires plans, you will also need to cost this element in. If you are going to use an Atlanta fence company, they will usually include plans as part of their service.
  5. Who is going to do the work? Even if you opt for the DIY route, chances are you will want some help, and this might be paid labor. If you have some DIY experience you will probably know how long the job will take, and how much you can do on your own.

Contracting an Atlanta Fence Company to do the Job for You

Having done some basic planning during your pricing exercise you will be able to brief an Atlanta Fence Company like FenceWorks of Georgia well so that they can give you an accurate quote, rather than just an estimate.

Remember that at FenceWorks, we aim to build more than just fences. So call today for advice and friendly assistance.