3 Reasons to Protect Your Residence with a Drive Way Gate

Driveway Gate

This Atlanta fence contractor wants homeowners can benefit from having a drive way gate installed. For instance, a lot of home insurers will give you a discount on your premium if you are using a gate as part of your security system. Anyone can benefit fron having a driveway fence installed whether you have a 100 ft. driveway or a 10 ft. driveway.

Driveway GateHere are 3 Good Reasons You Should Install a Driveway Gate:

  1. Increase your properties resale value. As we all know, the real estate market is still in a slump. There are a lot of houses on the market and it can be hard to stand out from all the rest. Maybe it is the added security or maybe it makes people think of those huge mansions in the movies but gated properties tend to sell quickly.
  2. Give you more privacy. A wrought iron or steel bar gate will keep out unwanted visitors and common burglars. However, if you want total privacy, a stout wooden gate can block visibility entirely. When using gates of this type, homeowners generally install an intercom or audiovisual system next to the gate. That way you can still have your privacy without missing out on a visit from your parents.
  3. Enhance your home security. Security is the main reason that people install a drive way gate. In most cases, homeowners will install a metal or brick boundary fence and then have access controlled by the drive way gate. This helps to ensure that your children and pets will stay safely on your property while preventing strangers from trespassing. To make it even more convenient, you can use an automatic gate system. That way either by intercom or video, you can verify who is at the gate and then open the gate remotely to allow access.

Installing a driveway fence has many benefits, and these are just a few.  Give your local Atlanta fence contractor a call today to see what all of your fencing options are.