How to Repair a Wooden Fence Pt. 2 – Fence Sections

Replacing a rail or post on wooden fences is a fairly straightforward process. It only affects a small area and usually doesn’t take long to do. When you have to replace an entire fence section, it gets a little more in depth. If you are not comfortable working with your hands then you may want to contact an experienced Atlanta Fence Company for assistance.

If you decide to repair your own wooden fence, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Look over the wooden fence to see how badly it is damaged. Then take apart the affected sections.
  2. You will need to cut 2×4’s to act as top rails. Most top rails will either cover the area between two posts (one section) or it may cover two sections. Once you have decided which length to go with, cut your rails to fit your measurements. Make sure that each of the rails fit tightly against each other and start nailing them into place using two galvanized nails per rail end.
  3. Next you will cut the bottom rail for your wooden fence. Measure each one to fit tightly between the posts and put them into position. You can place it anywhere in your fence from ground level to a foot above the ground. Once you have ensured that the rails are level then use galvanized nails, driven through the post at an angle, to hold them in place.
  4. Finally, it is time to cut your fence boards. If you have done your measuring right with the rail positions, your boards should all be the same length. Cut enough to leave one board width between each board you put into place. Start at the top of each board and use two galvanized nails to secure it. Then make adjustments to the bottom rail if needed before nailing it into place as well.

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