Dog Fence Options

There are many dog fence options for those living in the Atlanta GA area.  The kind of fence that fits best usually has a lot to do with budget and zoning laws.  If a traditional, aboveground fence is allowed by the neighborhood charter or zoning laws, there is a fence to fit any style of home.  For neighborhoods that don’t allow the traditional fence, there are underground electric fences that will keep dogs out of traffic.  A dog fence is not only to keep a pet out of traffic, but to also keep other dogs out of the yard.  Another benefit, for those with a pure bred, it helps deter the theft of a family’s dog.

A few choices are:

1)      Picket Fences – this fence is long associated with the perfect suburban life, but it can also be a great aid in pet containment.  It’s made of wooden panels that can be nailed up as close together as necessary depending on the size of the dog.  These fences can also be built higher to prevent the dog from jumping over.  The dog is kept safe while also adding a bit of privacy to the home.

2)      Split Rail Fences – are another good idea that can be seen all over the city.  They are sturdy

fences, but the spaces between rails are larger than those in picket fences and there is usually a space beneath the bottom rail and the ground.  This could allow the dog to squeeze under the fence or between the rails.  To help stop this a wire mesh can be stapled or nailed on the inside of the fence which is hard to be seen on the outside.

3)      Chain Link Fences – by far one of the most common pet fences installed by homeowners, it is very effective to prevent pets from escaping.  They can be built as high as needed and are relatively easy to install.  Yet, they are not very attractive and rarely seen in the city.  These fences are often the most affordable option.

These are just a few ideas for pet owners in Atlanta GA who want their dogs to play outside without being on a leash or constantly supervised.  A pet fence in Atlanta can be as beautiful as it is effective.  A good idea is to factor in the building of a pet fence in Atlanta along with the other costs of having a dog before the pet is brought home.  This will prevent last minute panic or the construction of a cheaper fence that doesn’t make the pet owner happy.  Dog’s shouldn’t be stuck indoors all day around Atlanta GA, but allowed to play with minimal stress on their owners.  If more information is needed, or a great fence contractor is best to install a pet fence already chosen, call a leader in the business today.