Can I Have a Fence Installed in the Winter?

One of the most common questions asked of fencing companies during the winter is, “How will it affect the installation?” Most people are surprised when they are told that it probably won’t have any effect at all. If you work with a professional fence company then a fence installation is actually a little easier during the winter.

If you were to try to install a fence in the winter by yourself then the answer would be much different. Digging post holes in frozen ground is a nightmare and you wouldn’t get very many done before calling in an expert. A seasoned pro would know to bring a power auger to dig the post holes and they can make their way through pretty much any type of ground.

There are only two situations where you might find it impossible to install a fence in winter. Those are:

  • If it is a very rainy season and the ground doesn’t have a chance to dry out. Digging in mud is never optimal and the holes tend to fill with water. Even if you do manage to get the fence up, its weight plus the soft ground would make for a very ragged looking fence.
  • If you have a heavy enough snowfall to cover the ground. This is more of a problem for planning than execution because the snow would stop you from running a string line.

There are actually a few benefits to having a fence installed during the winter. Customers often don’t realize that a fence can be installed year round so professional fencing companies tend to see a slow down during the winter months. This means that they will lower their prices just before winter because they will have to reduce their inventory for the season.

Plus, you won’t believe how beautiful an ornamental fence can look during a snowy day until you have seen it for yourself.

If you’re considering building a new fence, winter may just be the perfect time.  Give Fenceworks of Georgia a call today to get a free quote on your new fence.