Fence Construction Basics

Fence Construction

Fence construction is a project that many around the country are thinking about as summer gets closer and more people are heading outside for fun and sun.  Yet, without the proper know-how, fence construction can be a real headache when the final product doesn’t look the way one hoped.  Sometimes the best move one can make with fence construction is call in a professional contractor to look over the landscape and maybe suggest an idea the homeowner hadn’t even thought about.  Learn a bit about several local contractors and get estimates as well as look at the warranty that comes with labor and materials.

A few things to remember with fence construction include:Fence Construction

1)      If using wood in fence construction, include a gravel board to keep water from seeping in and causing rot.  There are several options with this product but all of them are placed at the bottom to keep the enclosure lasting much longer.

2)      Make sure the grade is such that it helps water run away from the fence posts and not collect at the base.

3)      Use a quality sealant at the bottom and top of each post or even a coat of tar.

4)      Make sure the post holes are deep enough to hold the posts in place.

5)      Use concrete around the posts instead of simply packing earth.  To aid concrete stick to the posts, again using tar will be a big help.

6)      During all steps of fence construction make sure the measurements are exactly the same to ensure a uniform look that also holds up better against time and the weather.

7)      Do research into what kinds of wood are best suited for one’s purpose and those that will mesh well with the existing structure’s theme.  If there’s any question as to which kind of wood is better than the others, contacting a professional is a smart decision.  There are also local hardware stores and home improvement centers who have staff that know a bit about the subject of fence construction.

Fence construction can be an exciting learning experience for those who enjoy getting their hands dirty.  It is rewarding, but without a guide to make sure it all goes off without a hitch it can quickly end in shambles.  Contact a local contractor with years of experience and fair prices today to find out how they can do all the dirty work and come back later to address any issues that may crop up.  Summer is coming and fence construction can truly give one’s home a fresh look and keep pets safe from traffic or kids close to watchful parents.