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Fence Building

Fence building is an exact science not to be rushed into without a few helpful hints.  If done right, fence building has the potential of increasing the value of one’s home.  Depending on the size of the project one might do well to call in an Atlanta contractor to do all the work and provide the best materials.  Do a little homework on the subject and find out how to avoid mistakes many make by tackling a job beyond their skills. Complete some research on a few building professionals and see examples of what they can do in order to bring in the right team.  With the right know-how, or honest contractor, fence building can be a rewarding experience.

Some of the things to consider before beginning a project like fence building are:Fence Building

1)      Post placement

2)      The best materials to compliment the home

3)      The correct way to install slats

4)      Railing, if it applies, which will stand the test of time

5)      Other materials that won’t need replacement soon and add up to a huge bill later

Fence building ideas when starting the job:

1)      If wood is the chosen material with fence building, purchase only materials that have been treated.

2)      Space the posts out approximately 8 ft.

3)      Post holes are recommended to be approximately 2 ft deep.

4)      Before inserting the posts, use environmentally safe chemicals to cap the top and bottom against rot caused by time and the elements.

5)      Coat the portion of the post to be placed in the earth with tar to help concrete adhere to the base.

6)      Level each before allowing to set.

7)      Once the posts are in place and concrete poured, allow 24 hrs for it to dry.

8)      When fence building with rails it’s preferable to go with three rails between posts.  This will increase the strength and thus reduce cost of repairs later.

9)      Put first rail along the top of each post in a horizontal fashion.

10)    Use this rail to measure the placement of slats.

11)    Measure the middle and lower rail exactly between posts, and maintain the same space between the rails themselves, for uniformity.

12)    The bottom two rails are recommended to be installed in a vertical fashion to improve strength.

13)    When fence building don’t place slats any higher than 8’’ higher than the top railing.

Fence building is a good idea to increase curb appeal of one’s home and could increase the resident’s worth if looking to sell.  Yet, taking the basics of fence building lightly can quickly lead to an eye sore.  If the project appears too complicated, bring in the pro’s and not only get fast service and superior materials but a warranty to take care of any repair issues.