Ideas for Decorating Your Chain Link Fence

Decorated Chain Link Fence

Overall chain link is one of the most versatile fencing materials on the market. It allows you some security, is very durable and it’s fairly cheap to install. The only real drawbacks to using chain link are that some people find the industrial look of it to be unattractive and you can see through it.

Over the years many people have come up with tips and tricks to spruce up the looks of your chain link fence and these are the most popular:

  • Decorated Chain Link FencePaint it! The easiest solution and sometimes the most fun. Newer types of chain link come with all sorts of colors and finishes but you can make an older chain link fence look just as good. Just make sure you use rustoleum paint for added protection.
  • Use reed or bamboo slats. If you weave some wooden slats through the openings in a chain link fence it creates an interesting look. Many people use these chain link/wood hybrids to give their backyards a little more privacy than chain link provides alone.
  • Use vinyl strips – Similar to the above tip with another added benefit. Instead of just adding privacy, you can add vibrant colors and designs depending on how you weave the strips through the fence.
  • Insert plastic cups into the fence. This will not appeal to everyone but it creates a very funky looking fence. Just gather up a bunch of different colored plastic cups and insert them through the holes to form interesting designs and effects.
  • Create privacy panels. With a few boards and lathe purchased from the hardware store, you can create a privacy panel for your fence. It doesn’t matter if they are the same height or if they tower over the chain link. By replacing a section of chain link here or there with a panel, it creates an original look that also allows you extra privacy where you need it most. This is especially helpful if all of your neighbors have chain link as well.

For most people these easy to do projects for decorating your fence will help to ease the eye sore. But if it doesn’t seem to do the trick let the professionals at Fence Works of Georgia help with other ideas or even replacing your old chain link fence with a fence that is more you style. Contact us today at 770.452.9900 for a free quote.