Commercial Fences in Atlanta

Atlanta Chain Link Fence

Commercial fences in Atlanta come in all shapes and sizes but the vast majority come in one of these 2 styles:

  1. Chain link fences
  2. Wrought iron

Atlanta Chain Link FenceThese are popular due to the fact that they are durable and need very little upkeep to perform the desired function.  They can both be built high enough to be nearly impossible to scale and able to be improved with a gate.  There are also benefits such as adding an electric charge to deter trespassers.  It’s a safe bet that in highly trafficked areas there is a higher chance that someone could sneak inside a complex and move about freely without a commercial fence to make the job harder.  Before building the fence, or having someone else do it, the best first step is to ask about the local zoning laws that may prohibit the types of materials used, or installing a commercial fence at all.  Paying for a great fence is a prudent business cost.  Paying to have the fence taken down because of zoning laws is painful.

Using an electric gate is more costly, but a trustworthy Atlanta GA fence contractor can show just how affordable it can be.  The gates can be as simple as someone inside buzzing in approved individuals to those that need a pass code or key card.  The limit is only set by a company’s budget.  There are things to consider when choosing between chain link and wrought iron like how long the fence will stand and the threat to the personnel inside.  For construction sites a chain link fence may be the best fit.  This option can be taken down without much trouble and materials reused on another site.

Contact a fence installer today and find out more on commercial fences in Atlanta.  There is new technology and stronger materials being manufactured all the time.  There may be something better than wrought iron or chain link.  No one knows until they make that call.