How do I Choose the Best Pool Fence?

Finding the proper Atlanta Pool Fence involves a lot more variables than you might expect at first glance. Safety is of course the primary concern but there are also regulations concerning what type of material you can use around a pool and how your Atlanta Pool Fence is designed. For instance, to keep children from gaining unauthorized access to the pool, you must keep the opening between the slats in the fence no bigger than four inches. Also, if you live in a community with a home owners association then there will be even more rules regarding which type of fence you will be allowed to use.

One thing you should never do is just use the same material you used for your backyard fence. Mainly because the two most common backyard fences are:

  • Acworth GA Pool FenceWooden fences
    – While wood fences can sometimes be used as an Atlanta Pool Fence, it is not the best choice. Wood tends to deteriorate near water and develop nasty splinters. That combined with little clothing can result in poolside injuries. Also, if you have kids, never build a wooden privacy fence around your pool. It will completely block your line of sight and you will not be able to monitor your children’s safety while they swim.
  • Chain link fences – These fences are great for security and are relatively affordable so they may seem like the perfect choice but they aren’t. The chain link material provides numerous footholds for children to climb, making it too easy for them to fall onto the concrete apron surrounding a pool.

The best choice for a pool fence is usually a metal or heavy duty vinyl. Vinyl is especially popular because it does not heat up as much in the direct sun. If you are unsure about the regulations and options for a pool fence in your area then you should contact an Atlanta Fence Company for help. They will know the perfect fence choice to fit your situation.