Ask A Fence Contractor: Can Vinyl Fences be Painted?

Vinyl fencing is affordable, versatile, and good looking. It’s available in different colors and has become a viable option to both wooden and various types of metal fencing.

One of the benefits of vinyl fences is that they require minimal maintenance and they last incredibly well. They are exceptionally strong and they can simply be hosed down with water to clean. Additionally, it is easy to install.

Though minimal, one of the downsides of vinyl fences is that the material is vulnerable to staining, especially if the vinyl surface is white. But this is not a difficult challenge to overcome. While mold, mildew, and algae, can build up on the surface of a vinyl fence, all you need to do is hose with water regularly before this happens. If stains develop, a quick scrub with soapy water followed by a fresh water rinse will usually get rid of any stains.

Vinyl fences have a long lifespan – as much as two to three decades – and they are incredibly durable, and don’t splinter or chip.

While there is absolutely no need to paint vinyl fences, vinyl fences can be successfully painted. So why would you paint vinyl fences?

Why and How People Paint Vinyl Fences

There are at least four possible reasons people might decide to paint vinyl fences:

  1. The fence has been neglected and stains have built up over time.
  2. The fence surface has faded and become dull.
  3. They want a color makeover to improve curb appeal.
  4. They are revamping the backyard and want to add color as a backdrop for plants.

The painting procedure is essentially the same as for many other surfaces. The fence must be clean and dry, and if the surface is still smooth and shiny, it should be given a light sanding to help the paint adhere. So, the first step will be to scrub off any dirt or grime, rinse with clean water, and allow to dry. If you are going to sand the surface be sure to rinse a second time to get rid of any residue – then allow the surface to dry thoroughly.

Paint with a good quality 100 percent acrylic paint product. If you apply a primer first you might only need one coat of paint, otherwise you might need two coats. Sometimes people recommend sealing a painted vinyl fence, but if you use a good quality paint this is not necessary.

Risks of Painting Vinyl Fences

Vinyl tends to expand and contract, and if a dark color paint is used, warping is a danger. This is simply because dark colors attract heat and increase the possibility of expansion. For this reason, it is best to choose light or off-white colors.

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