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Commercial Chain Link Secure Entry

Whether you are considering installing fencing for your business property or home if your primary concern is security, some types of fences will be better than others. Ultimately any fence installed for security reasons needs to be strong and durable, and high enough to prevent access to the property over the top of the fence.

Commercial Chain Link Secure Entry

Commercial Chain Link Secure Entry

Security fencing is generally designed to keep people or animals out of a certain area. This means it should be impenetrable and possibly solid to prevent visual access. If fencing can easily be dismantled, damaged or even destroyed, or scaled by intruders, then it simply won’t be suitable. If you don’t want people to see inside the property for security reasons then you will be limited in terms of design.

This doesn’t mean that the fencing should just be utilitarian. The most practical, effective fencing should also look good to ensure a good return on investment when and if you sell the property.

Security Fencing Design by FenceWorks of Georgia 

In an environment that doesn’t require a solid design, chain link and various types of metal including aluminum and steel work particularly well. In all instances, the height of fencing is a vital element. Generally, a solid metal rather than chain link will be more secure. Decorative designs that feature spears and spikes work particularly well in a domestic setting. They look attractive and act as a very strong deterrent. Chain link is a common choice in commercial settings, particularly where personnel are employed to patrol, in this way providing a second level of security.

Where a visual barrier is required, the best bet is to install a good, solid vinyl or wooden fence using panels, boards, or palings (or the equivalent). In this instance, it is extremely important to ensure that there aren’t any parts of the fence that can be used as a ladder. For this reason, any horizontal elements should be on the inside. Alternatively, the fencing should be designed without rails or other crosspieces that provide a foothold.

A reputable Atlanta fence company will advise which designs work best in Georgia.  

Any security fence should have a gate system that cannot be accessed without approval from those on the inside. Automatic gates work well, but it is important to manage who has access to the controls.

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