The Best Material for Secure Metal Fencing

Metal Fence

Whether you are planning to build a fence for security or safety reasons, metal is an excellent option. It is strong, durable, good-looking, and offers a fantastically low-maintenance solution.

But how do you decide which type of fence to choose for secure metal fencing?

Types of Metal Used for Fencing

Metal Fence

Both aluminum and steel are excellent options for ornamental fencing as well as more straightforward designs that are suitable for commercial, industrial, and the full range of residential fencing including pet, pool, and backyard fences. Either material may be crafted in a myriad of styles to serve just about every purpose other than privacy, unless it is combined with another more solid material, like wood.

Both steel and aluminum are durable, and both are also extremely versatile.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is considerably lighter than mild steel, but it is remarkably strong, and a popular option for construction work as well as fencing of various types. It is particularly useful in coastal areas because it is highly resistant to rust. Aluminum is also quite easy to repair when it is damaged.

Aluminum is often used for security fencing, in industrial and residential environments, and for swimming pool fencing.

Steel Fencing

Steel – specifically mild low-carbon steel – is welded at a much higher temperature than aluminum, but this doesn’t increase the cost. In fact, steel fences generally cost less than those made with aluminum. Incredibly strong, steel fences will generally last a very long time. However, ideally, the metal should be galvanized or given a rust-resistant coating to minimize the possibility of rust.

Steel fencing is popular for security fencing in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. It may be topped with spikes or ornamental features, like arrows, that improve its impenetrability.

Ornamental Metal Fencing

The most popular metal originally used for construction work and for metal fencing was iron, both in the form of cast and wrought iron. During the 20th century, steel became the preferred metal largely because it was cheaper, and could be used to achieve a very similar effect to decorative wrought iron.

While wrought iron fencing is still available, aluminum and steel are undoubtedly the most popular materials for ornamental metal fencing. In fact, the average layman won’t be able to tell the difference between one type of ornamental metal fencing and another.

The fact that metal fencing is ornamental doesn’t make it any less secure. While it doesn’t have to be ornamental to be secure, some of the best security fences are ornamental and beautifully stylish, especially those used around the perimeter of homes.

FenceWorks Makes the Best Metal Fences

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