What is the Best Material for an Atlanta Pool Fence

Atlanta Pool Fence

Purchasing the right pool fence material may seem easy at first but it will probably turn out to be a little more complex than you realize. The right choice for one property may be the worst choice for another. For example:

  • A hotel is primarily worried about aesthetics and security. They want a pool that will attract travelers to their establishment and keep them safe while they are there.
  • A backyard pool fence may be completely focused on security and visibility if small children are nearby but if you like to take late night skinny dips then you should go ahead and install a privacy fence.
  • A community pool is only concerned with security. They want to keep their visitors safe while they are in the pool and prevent unauthorized entry when the pool is not open.

Many of the public pool fences will be of the ornamental variety and they will frequently be made from aluminum or steel.  Metal fences look great and there is a wide selection of styles and decorations for this type of fencing. Aluminum and steel pool fences usually have a very open weave because lifeguards and caretakers need to see what is going on poolside. You will hardly ever see a privacy fence on a public pool because there is too great a danger of swimmers getting into trouble and no one noticing.

Backyard pools are another story. They are more likely to be made from wood, chain link and vinyl. Wooden privacy fences can be both beautiful and economical but they are not the most popular for pool fences. After wood has been exposed to moisture for a long time it can start to splinter up and you do not want people in swim suits rubbing up against a splintery wall. Vinyl and chain link are both great choices if you want an open weave so you can see what is going on poolside. If you prefer to have your privacy, you can purchase slats to fit into these fences and completely close them off.  Chain link can be treated to resist the higher moisture of a pool but vinyl fences are pretty much immune to the elements. You can have a great Atlanta Fence Company install one around the pool and look the same way for years with only minimal upkeep.