What Are the Benefits of Metal Fences, Like Aluminum and Steel

Metal Fence

Metal fences have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, for good reasons. Metal fences finish high on people’s list of important home improvements because they add enormous curb appeal and are extremely durable. Investing in a metal fence promises a solid ROI because of how long they last and their visual appeal. Metal fences are also loved by homeowners and businesses because they are easy to maintain.

Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Fences

  • Cost – Cost and value are always a deciding factor for many homeowners. When factoring cost, keep in mind your fence will last for many years to come.
  • Security – Steel or aluminum fences are powerful and are capable of securing any fortress, especially private residences!
  • Maintenance – Aluminum and steel fences are far superior to alternative materials with lower maintenance requirements.
  • Aesthetics – Many modern steel and aluminum fence designs are works of art that take your breath away.
Metal Fence

Metal Fence

Steel and Aluminum are both solid fencing options for your property. Aluminum weighs less than steel, which makes shipping directly more affordable than steel. If you’re buying your fence locally, this cost may be passed on in retail pricing.

Rust is a Common Misconception

Rust is not a major issue for aluminum or steel fences. In its natural state, steel is susceptible to rust. However, finished steel fences can maintain their integrity for 15 to 20 years without rusting. Aluminum fences are the clear winner when it comes to rust resistance. Aluminum fences are said to be able to last 10,000 years without rusting. So far no one has been able to confirm that claim through direct experience, but it gives you the idea that aluminum is an alloy with a major benefit when it comes to rust resistance. If you live in a seaside area that has a lot of exposure to salt spray or high humidity, aluminum is an excellent choice.

Flexibility in Design Is a Major Advantage

Another characteristic that is helping to promote steel and aluminum fences is that they can be designed to look like just about anything, including classic “wrought iron” fencing. Classic wrought iron fencing is rarely used today, instead being replaced by the superior advantages aluminum and steel ornamental fencing offer. Homeowners who want durable fences that resemble fences of yesterday are able to do so easily using either steel or aluminum. Whether you choose steel or aluminum is up to you. Either type of fencing provides you with a beautiful, secure, and low maintenance fencing that will protect your family, pets, and property for many years to come.