Begin Your Back Yard Renovation with a New Fence

During the winter almost everything sees a lull except for retail stores. Business tends to be a bit slow, family and friends tend to be heading out of town for holiday plans and working around the house doesn’t sound like much fun. But if you can push through the inertia of the holidays, winter is actually a great time to get your home, and fence, ready for spring. You can use the slack time now to ensure you have plenty of time to spare when spring weather rolls around. Plus you can save a ton on repair and building costs. Look a new fence ideas in our gallery.

The following are a few of benefits you will find to building a new fence while it’s still cold out:

Wooden Fence Installation Canton, GA If you think you have a lot of free time on your hands, think about the fence contractors and repairmen. During the winter their business is often at its slowest point. That may be bad for them but it is good news for you. The slowdown will mean open schedules, quick response time and often, lower prices on material and labor than you will find at the height of summer.

• Spring is an extremely damp time of the year. If you wait until then to start your repairs or new installations then you are going to run into a few problems. For instance, a fence repair can be a big job to do alone, so working your project in between rainstorms is nearly impossible. Plus, if your fence needs maintenance then you want to get it all sealed up and waterproofed before it starts to rain all the time. If you wait till spring, it may be too late and rot will have set in.

• If you plan on installing a new fence then you will definitely want to take advantage of the deep discounts found on materials during the winter. Paint and lumber are usually discounted during the winter to attract more customers to the hardware store during the slow season.