Before You Build! What are the Pool Fence Guidelines in Atlanta, GA?

Pools are always a welcome addition to any property but before you fill your pool and get down to some serious relaxing, you must have a regulation barrier in place, also known as a pool fence. It is a good idea to contact an Atlanta Pool Fence Company for installation because a lot more goes into the construction of a regulation pool fence than you might realize.

To give you a better understanding of all the guidelines that need to be met, I will walk you through an example pool fence installation:

  1. Before the pool can be filled, the Atlanta Pool Fence Company will have to get approval for the placement, dimensions, materials and elevation of the pool fence.
  2. The entrance to the fence will have to be constructed nearest the shallow end of the pool and it must be free of any dips or extensions to make climbing impossible.
  3. To prevent access, the Atlanta Pool Fence Company will have to install a gate that uses a positive latching system and stands at least 45 inches tall.
  4. Once the fence is put into place, it must be at least 3 feet away from any object that could allow someone to climb over the fence. So any stumps, rocks or trees will need to be cleared out from the perimeter.
  5. The fence itself cannot have any openings over 4 inches in diameter. This helps to prevent small children from using the pool when not supervised.
  6. The fence must be completely free of decorative elements and if it uses chain link mesh, the diamond shaped openings cannot be greater than 1 and ¼ inches.
  7. The installation must meet all code specifications and have an approved construction plan that follows the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.8. Once this is accomplished the pool can be filled.