Enjoy Your Backyard this Spring and Summer with a New Privacy Fence!

Spring is here.  Finally it is time to begin cleaning, planting and sprucing up your yard so that you can enjoy this warmer weather outdoors.  The Atlanta fence contractors at Fenceworks of Georgia suggest that you add a privacy fence to your property to rest and relax in peace.  Privacy fences are great additions to your back yard for various reasons.

Why should I have Fenceworks of Georgia install a privacy fence on my property?

  1. A privacy fence will deter wondering eyes when you want to take a swim in the pool or a soak in the hot tub. When you’re ready to relax and enjoy your summer by the pool, you certainly don’t want to worry about your neighbors watching you.  A privacy fence will ensure that you can just soak up the sun and enjoy your pool in peace.
  2. A sturdy privacy fence will help to keep your ‘toys’ safe. Warmer weather calls for getting out all of your toys like ATVs, Boats, Floats and other things.  A tall privacy fence will keep these prized items out of view from neighbors and those passing on the streets, so your summer toys will stay safe and out of sight.
  3. Studies have shown that a privacy fence will deter thieves and vandals. The fence makes your property look inaccessible which will often deter thieves because it’s generally “not worth the trouble”…
  4. Your children and pets will have a safe environment to play outdoors. Adding a privacy fence around your property, or just the back yard, will provide you with a great place to let the kids and pets run and exercise outside.  You will no longer have to worry about them running off where they shouldn’t be, such as into the road or a neighbors property.  You can also control who comes onto your property while they are playing and having fun.
  5. A great looking privacy fence can add value to your home. Having a new privacy fence installed, or replacing an older worn out fence, can increase the value of your home based on the safety aspects mentioned above, but also because of ascetics.  This keeps your home looking modern, clean and neat. An older dilapidated fence can make your home look unkempt and in dire need of an upgrade.

When you’ve made up your mind that you want to enjoy this spring and summer in your back yard give our Atlanta fence contractors a call.  Fenceworks of Georgia promises a free estimate on any style of fence including our great wooden or vinyl privacy fences.