The Art of Atlanta Garden Gates

Atlanta gates for gardens are becoming increasingly popular, and with that popularity you may have noticed that several new names for Atlanta gates have been created, such as “portals” or “transitional spaces”. No more is an Atlanta gate simply a gate. Atlanta gates are ways to define your garden space and enhance your overall fence in many new, refreshing as well as practical ways!

You of course want your Atlanta gate to do what it’s made to do: be a doorway. However, there are many things you can do with a functional gate that enhance aesthetic appeal. Innovative designs that have recreated the shape and ways in which material is used have made Atlanta gates artistic and eye-catching. Of course, things can also go wrong if you are not wise in choosing the right design, style, shape, size, and features of your fence. You’ll want an Atlanta gate that matches your personal tastes as well as the facade of your house or layout and coloring of your garden. In regard to design, think in terms of architecture. Determine what the architecture of your house is and focus the design of the fence based on that.

Your Atlanta gate will become a focus point of your home and yard and will greatly influence the setting. To ensure success, pick out your gate first. It will be easier to build the rest of the fence to suit the gate rather than the other way around. There are beautiful iron hinges and decorative latches that will take your gate to a whole new level. A fun and inspiring way to go about this is to go flea market and antique shop hunting. These places often have beautiful gates that are just begging to be used. However, make sure to pay attention to rust and any wear-and-tear. Another option is to go with reproductions of antique fences. This will make for a cheaper Atlanta gate that’s new but has the old charm — without the rust.

For more information and options about Atlanta gates, visit Fenceworks of Georgia. Their friendly and professional installers have the knowledge and resources to install the Atlanta gate of your dreams, perfect for you, your purpose and house, as well as the fence to match it!