Atlanta Fence Company: Best Rural Fencing Ideas

Best Rural Fencing Ideas

Whether you live in a city in Georgia, or in a small town or rural community, the most suitable fencing for your property will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. But design, style and the materials chosen for the fencing will depend mostly on your needs.

Best Rural Fencing IdeasHaving identified why you need a fence, you can approach an Atlanta fence company for ideas, perhaps based on fences they have installed for customers. Alternatively you can drive around your neighborhood to see for yourself what other people have chosen, or search for ideas in magazines, books or on the Internet.

There are many popular fence styles, including pretty picket fences, post and rail, and solid board, but what are the best rural fencing ideas?

Rural Fencing Advice From Atlanta Fence Company FenceWorks of Georgia

One of the greatest challenges of fencing around or inside rural properties is scale. While not all rural properties are huge farms, rural properties are generally bigger than suburban lots and often need to incorporate fencing to contain animals. Security may not be a priority, though in remote areas it probably should be.

Chain Link

Ubiquitous chain link fencing is a popular choice for perimeter rural fencing. It is relatively inexpensive, secure, and properly installed, will look neat and tidy. This is also a good option if you need to keep children and pets on the inside. Planting creepers and climbers over chain link fencing softens the look of this functional fencing and makes it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Another option for chain link fencing is to insert wooden lathes through the links to form a more solid barrier. This can look very attractive, but it does add substantially to the cost. It might be a good long-term option, or a solution to smaller sections where privacy is important.

Post and Rail

Post and rail fences are often used to contain animals, particularly cows, sheep and horses. They may be made using any type of post and flat rail, or with poles, and are usually wooden. If intended to stop animals from roaming, the rails must be close enough together to prevent them from the animals climbing through the rails, or jumping over the top (particularly horses.)

Solid Board

Solid board and other privacy fences are ideal for around houses, to define a yard or to screen the area used for outdoor living. They are also good for security in rural areas. Smaller pets and children will also be safe in an area contained by a solid board or similar type of fence. This type of fence may be made using vinyl or wood that can be put together in many different ways, from interwoven planks, stockades or even pickets placed next to one another, to more expansive solid panels. Whatever is used, and however it is assembled, a solid board fence must create a solid barrier overall.


Traditional wooden picket fences are particularly pretty in front of cottage-style homes. But traditional picket fences are low and the pickets are well spaced. If you opt for a picket fence to keep children and pets inside the yard, then it’s important to ensure the fence is high enough, and the pickets are close enough otherwise they will be able to squeeze through them.

If you live in a rural area in Georgia and need an Atlanta fence company to help you plan your fencing and install it for you, call FenceWorks of Georgia for friendly, helpful advice.