Atlanta Fence Company: Best Fences for Screening

People build fences for all sorts of reasons: for protection or safety reasons; to keep people and animals in or out of a property; for wind or noise control; or to screen an area for privacy or shield service and work areas from view.

ScreeningFences and screens are similar in many ways, particularly in form and basic design. They are made from the same materials and require the same planning considerations. But they do generally differ in terms of function. For instance, fences are an effective means of enclosing a property for safety, security or privacy reasons, while screens are often less substantial and often freestanding.

A relatively simple trellis or lattice structure may be used to effectively shield or screen an area without blocking light. Creatively constructed, a screen may even allow a glimpse of what lies beyond – unless of course the function is to hide an adjacent space or service area. Planted with creepers and climbers, a screen may quickly become a living barrier, although it may be a challenge to maintain the basic structure under the plants. So do take this into account during the planning stage.

Because of their close similarities, you may use an Atlanta fence company to build fences or outdoor screens, depending on your needs.

Choosing a Fence for Screening

The functionality of any screen is going to impact on the materials used for the screen structure. For example, lattice and trellis screens are particularly popular for screens that will be planted. This type of semi-solid screen is also appropriate where you want to retain a little of what is behind the screen. Solid wood or vinyl fences are more suitable in areas that need to be screened for privacy or to shelter them from the wind.

The height and length of any screen will also be determined largely by the function it is to fulfill. Sometimes a single fence panel might be sufficient, while in other situations a screen might be several feet long, and could be erected to accommodate a corner.

If a solid fence is your best option for screening, there are various possibilities a good Atlanta fence company will give you, including:

  • Solid board fixed vertically to a wooden framework; the appeal of this can be increased by adding a decorative length of latticework at the top of the fence-screen
  • A fence made using stockades to create solid panels
  • A picket fence, provided it is high enough and the pickets are placed close together or just a few millimeters apart; a saddle-top or scalloped picket fence provides a particularly good looking design option

Choose a Fence Company to Create Your Screen Structures

FenceWorks of Georgia undertake both residential and commercial fence construction, and many of their attractive designs could be used to create an effective, good-looking screen. For ideas and an estimate on price, contact the professionals at FenceWorks today.