4 Tips to Make sure Your Wooden Fence Doesn’t get Frost Bite this Winter!

Your local Alpharetta GA fence company wants you to know that after installing your wooden fence, quality fence maintenance is a part of keeping it looking great for years. This is especially true during the winter months when harsh weather can really wreak havoc on wood. There is more moisture in the air and fluctuating temperatures also cause stress not only on your fence but also the foundation and soil around your fence.

4 Tips to Protect your Wooden Fence this Winter!

  1. To protect your wood fence from the excess moisture that builds up during the winter there are many waterproof sealants andstains that can keep mold, mildew and rot at bay.
  2. Soil tends to shift during the winter months due to snow pressure and rail fall. This can cause land slides and sink holes that can greatly affect your fence. Pay attention to the ground surrounding your fence.
  3. Storms can bring down branches and trees and blow objects against your fence. If a tree or tree limb is looking weak, take care of it. Minimize the amount of things that might be blown against, such as lawn furniture.
  4. Keep the foundation of your fence clear of debris as well. Cement holdings soak up moisture as well, which leads them to cracking and will weaken your wood fence.

Simply paying attention to your fence,  will keep your wood fence looking good. While it may seem like a lot of work, it will decrease or even eliminate the amount you’ll have to pay out come spring. Making routine fence maintenance a good way to save money. Wooden fences do wear out over time however, and new ones will need to be installed. Give Fenceworks of GA a call to schedule an appointment to see what they can do for you when it comes to building a fence around your property!