4 Big Perks of Chain Link Fences

Residential Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are used for many different purposes. You can see chain link being used in baseball stadiums, schools, businesses, and in residential settings. Chain link is easily the most versatile fencing type in use today because of the perks and benefits associated with it.

The four most prominent perks are:

  1. Residential Chain Link FencesChain link fences need almost no maintenance after installation.  If you have owned a wooden fence then you are used to cleaning, painting and sealing it on an almost yearly basis to keep it in tip top shape. Chain link does not need any preventative measures, especially if you get the treated or vinyl coated versions of chain link.
  2. Chain link fences offers security. It is perfect for keeping animals and trespassers off of your property.  While is is easy to climb or cut, a barrier will make any trespasser think twice before crossing onto your property.
  3. Chain link fences are highly resistant to the environment and they are extremely durable. Chain link is one of the few types of fences that can “heal” minor scrapes and cuts. It is coated with a chemical that covers back over the metal to prevent it from rusting. The wire mesh is zinc coated to seal it off from the elements and since the wire mesh is so flexible, it is extremely difficult to damage.
  4. Chain link fences are the most economical choice for fencing material besides wood. Wood is generally considered the cheapest fencing material but it can start to get expensive if you need a thick fence or a high quality wood. Chain link is very low cost so it is perfect for large enclosures. It is also fairly easy for do it yourselfers to install so you can save even more money on the labor.

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