Top 3 Reasons to Install a Split Rail Fence

Rail Fence

Your local Georgia fence company, the number one builder of split rail fences in Georgia, wants to talk about three great reasons you should add one of these beautiful fences to your property. Spilt rail fences do not make for a great privacy fence. However, some of you don’t want to be shut off from your neighbors. Split rail fences are a great way to make boundaries on your property.

The Top 3 Reasons to Add a Split Rail Fence:

  1. Defining boundaries, or property lines, is one great use for split rail fences. A privacy fence often leaves you cut off from your neighbors, and that may not be what you’re looking for. Split rail fences are great for visually marking a property line, or simply for making your property look more elegant.
  2. Dividing your property is another wonderful reason to install a split rail fence. These work really nicely if you have a large property to work with. Split rail fences are a cost effective and nice looking way to sanction off play areas, parking areas, gardens, or just to section off parts of your yard.
  3. The third reason that you should consider installing a split rail fence is to keep large animals, or livestock, on or off areas of your land. This works especially well if you have large pastures with multiple animals such as cows and horses. It’s very popular on ranches, farms, and pastures.

While split rail fences aren’t made to be privacy fences you can still use them on many different parts of you land. They are a wonderful and cost efficient solution. Fenceworks of Georgia is an excellent Georgia fence company with tons of experience in building and installing fences of all types. Give them a call today to schedule a free consultation!