3 Reasons to Install a Vinyl Fence

Atlanta Fence Company

Most homeowners would agree that an Atlanta fence, such as a wooden fence, can add just the right touch to a property. They make a house look better, they are fairly easy to set up depending on the design, and they are cheaper than most of the alternatives. The main problem is they are the most susceptible to weathering, age, and rot. You have to do a lot of maintenance on a wooden fence to keep it beautiful and extend its usefulness. For that reason, consumers have been searching for another fencing material with all of the benefits of wood, but none of the drawbacks, and they have found it in vinyl fencing.

Vinyl fences have major benefits when compared to other fencing materials including:

  1. Cost – When you compare the upfront purchase price of the materials, wood will almost always be cheaper unless your fence is really thick. However, that doesn’t take the long term costs into consideration. During the lifetime of your wooden fence you will need to buy sealant, paint, brushes and replacement parts at a minimum for basic maintenance. Even then, it is hard to keep a wooden privacy fence looking the same as it did when you installed it. Vinyl fences never need any kind of maintenance so you won’t have out of pocket expenses.
  2. Versatility – Since vinyl fences are manmade, you can purchase them in a vast array of colors and styles. Some styles even replicate the look of natural wood.
  3. Durability – Vinyl is very flexible and hard to damage. Unlike wooden fencing, it will never warp, split or twist so you do not have to worry about making constant repairs.

Having a great looking yard doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming.  Wooden fences will always be a classic when it comes to residential fences. However, vinyl fencing can be great for a family home that doesn’t have a lot of time for fence upkeep.  Give your local Atlanta fence company a call today to find out which option would be best for your home.